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The Lilith eZine is an online magazine for women and men.

The beauty of the Lilith eZine however is that we are non-profit and we believe strongly both in the quality of our articles and our goal of trying to change the world. True, we do rant now and then, but we believe that writing articles that are well-researched, indepth and oft-times controversial we can help push society towards creating a society that is fairer, more sophiscated, uses its technology wisely and still have lots of fun.

In essence you might say we believe in utopia. The idea of a perfect society where people, nature and technology live in harmony. True, people will never agree on the final shape and structure an utopian culture should take, but the concept of trying to achieve something better than what we already have is still the same.

After all, what is the point of life if not to improve the world around us?

Protectorate Lilitu

The name "Lilith" comes from the Sumerian agriculture/fertility goddess Lilitu. There are over a hundred different myths about Lilith stretching from Morocco to Malayasia, including the ben-Sira version of the Book of Genesis. Lilith in the modern context has been heralded as a feminist symbol, but also symbolic of Mother Earth. In some myths she is depicted a succubi. Overall we thought Lilith made a suitable icon for our magazine.

The Lilith eZine started off affiliated with the Lilith Gallery, but the Lilith eZine has become so much bigger its now its own driving force.

Our writers are mostly volunteer or on rare occasions we hire writers to write on specific topics. If you want to write or submit an article please contact us. One of our editors will review your work and if accepted we will post it for you.

Our Lilith eZine editors aren't chosen at random either. We feel strongly about the topics at hand and we research these topics thoroughly. We love accurate statistics so if you see a statistic on any of our websites its likely from one of these sources: The CIA World Factbook, Statistics Canada, The Federal Reserve, The National Geographic or some other equally reputable source.

So if you want to write for us and contribute you are certainly welcome, but keep in mind that we have fairly high standard when it comes to accuracy. We are left-leaning, but we try to remain non-biased. There are instances (cough* cough* George W. Bush) where we have openly mocked public figures for their sheer idiocy, but frankly we never do it unless they actually deserve it.

That said enjoy browsing the Lilith eZine's various sections, our blog Lilith News or our affiliated websites: The Art History Archive and The Feminist eZine.

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